Company Overview

Welcome to the Silver Leaf Investing, LLC.  I’m Kevin Driscoll, President and CEO of the company.  Together with my wife, Mary Jane, who is also my best friend and trusted confidant we run the company.  As the parents of a large family we have spent 25+ years working hard to support our family.  My wife spent most of her time taking care of the home and family while I worked climbing the corporate ladder. With Mary Jane’s support I did quite well achieving success as a Director in a Fortune 200 company.  Along the way we often supplemented our income with small businesses that Mary Jane ran and with real estate investing.

Guiding Values

  • Continually improve our knowledge
  • Invest based on numbers and facts
  • Conduct business with high ethical standards and integrity
  • Operate with open and direct communication
  • Give back

Things Changed

In recent years we, like many Americans, have noticed people have been financially hurt by corporate corruption, failing banks, falling stock prices, and real estate markets that have lost much of their glitter.  In fact, that nice 401K account we had built up was acting a lot like a 201K, and several of those real estate investments we had made, well, suffice it to say, they didn’t look as golden as they looked when we bought them.  Times were looking tough and we started thinking, there must be a better way,,,and there is.

Why Real Estate

When done right real estate offers the following advantages:

  1. 1.    Portfolio diversification
  2. 2.    Creates passive income streams
  3. 3.    Secured Investment
  4.      a) The Property Value itself
  5.      b) Insurance on the property
  6.      c) Equity in the property
  7.      d) Cash flow from the property
  8. 4.    Proven wealth builder
  9. 5.    Potentially better rates of returns than common investments

A Solution

One thing we knew for sure is that seven out of ten millionaires in this United States made that money with real estate.  What did they know that we didn't?  We also remember the great deal of money people made during the resolution trust savings and loan crises in the 1980s.  We learned from the pros by investing more than $150,000 in professional real estate investing training.  By using proven strategies and processes, real estate investing offers a unique opportunity to build wealth.  

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Corporate Vision:

Silver Leaf Investing is a trusted and valued resource for all our investors, customers, residents, and employees. 

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver above average returns to our investors, provide clean and safe living environments for our residents, and create rewarding work environments for our employees.

Our Focus Today

Our focus on building wealth through real estate investing.  When done right, investing in real estate can provide higher returns than most other investment options.  If the opportunity is right we participate in all forms of real estate investing but our primary focus is on single family and multi-unit real estate investing.  

Today, like a lighthouse, we "light the way" providing our debt or equity partners and opportunity to diversify their portfolio and earn better returns on their investments than they can generally earn elsewhere.

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