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Real estate investing is truly a team sport.  Our team includes tax experts, attorneys, Mortgage and Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Financial Strategists, Property Management Companies, Appraisers, etc.  In addition, because profitable real estate investing is complex and constantly changing we never stop learning and surround ourselves with proven leaders in the field.  The Driscoll's consult with friends/advisors who are leaders in the real estate investing industry.

Mary Jane Driscoll

Mary Jane brings numerous years of real estate investing, management skills, and a love of people to Silver Leaf Investing.  In addition to successfully raising 7 children, Mary Jane worked along side Kevin buying, fixing, managing, and selling real estate throughout their marriage.  She also ran several small businesses while juggling her other responsibilities.    

They originally began by buying homes to live in and upgrading them for resale.  Since investing more than $150k in formal real estate training their focus has shifted to investing in non-owner occupied real estate investing with an emphasis on multiple-family properties such as manufactured housing communities, apartment complexes, and self-storage facilities.

"What we have discovered is that effective real estate investing requires time and lots of knowledge."

Kevin Driscoll.

About Us

The Driscoll’s are lifelong learners and have committed to Dave Lindahl’s RE Mentor programs.  Dave Lindahl is the industry leader who both teaches multifamily property investing and is also actively using the strategies and techniques he teaches.  With more than 7,300 units Dave is a proven industry leader in multi-family investing.

Dave has written four books on real estate investing:
  1. 1. Multi-Family Millions: How Anyone Can Reposition Apartments for Big Profits by David Lindahl
  2. 2. Trump University Commercial Real Estate 101: How Small Investors Can Get Started and Make It Big by David Lindahl, Trump University, and Donald J. Trump

Kevin Driscoll

Kevin brings more than 25 years of experience building and improving business operations and his love of real estate investing to Silver Leaf Investing, LLC.  His ability to effectively lead and grow a business was fully demonstrated during the period from 1999 to 2006 where he provided the leadership and business savvy to take a company generating annual revenues of $28 million/year at 8% profit to a company generating $56 million/year @ 14% percent profit.  With operations in 21 states and 117 simultaneous projects this was a complex dynamic business.  Furthermore, his organizations have an outstanding record of customer service and satisfaction with measurable results.  The skills learned in his corporate work are directly applicable to providing the leadership and management savvy to effectively invest in real estate.  

3. Emerging Real Estate Markets: How to Find and Profit from Up-and-Coming Areas by David Lindahl

Nichoele is a friend and mentor.  We first met Nichoele at a real estate training event and discovered she already held an impressive portfolio of properties.  This just proves you never stop learning.  Over time we have developed a warm friendship with Nichoele and have even invested in a 100+ multi-family property with her.  Nichoele routinely shares her experience and wisdom with us helping us locate, capture, and manage our projects resulting in solid returns for our investors. 

4. Real Estate Investing - A Complete guide to making money in Real Estate in your own home town by David Lindahl.

Ed Oliver has been investing in all types of real estate for more than 20 years. Together with his partner Sue they have been investing in multi-family properties using proven techniques and strategies.  In addition, Sue, who Kevin likes to refer to as the "Queen of Creativity" has developed numerous creative funding strategies that have proven highly effective as she and Ed have acquired an impressive portfolio of more than 1,400+ multi-unit properties with an estimated equity in excess of $30 million.  

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