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Please contact us to learn more about investing in real estate with your retirement funds or brokerage account.   We can guide you to experts who will help you convert your traditional accounts into the type needed to invest in real estate.

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What to watch for when investing with a self-directed IRA
  • Many companies offer SDRAs however not all are knowledgeable in real estate investing, choose the right company.  We can provide recommendations.

  • SDRAs are subject to stringent rules from the government. Choose a company that has expertise in the type of self –directed investing you want to do.  

Secret #2:  You can use your stock or other securities to invest in Real Estate without selling the underlying securities

There are brokerage firms that provide low costs loans using your portfolio of securities as the collateral.  For instance say an investor has a $100,000 brokerage account.  The brokerage firm loans out $70,000 at 6% and the investor reinvests that same money at rate higher than 6% as an equity partner.   The benefits are:

  • The brokerage account can continue to grow
  • The investor can invest without incurring a tax event from selling their securities
  • The investor earns the spread between the loan and the investment in real estate 

Investing Secret

Secret #1:  You can use your 401K and IRA to invest in Real Estate

Are you tired of seeing your traditional investments yield low gains or even lose ground?  You have worked hard to build a retirement fund.  Why not get your retirement money working hard for you?

You can use a special type of retirement account to put your IRA/Roth IRA and other retirement dollars to working harder for your future.  To invest your retirement funds in Real Estate you need a self-directed IRA/401K/Roth IRA or other retirement account.  Most traditional retirement accounts can be converted into this type of specialized account.

The benefits of a Self-Directed Retirement Account (SDRA)

  • Converting to an SDRA allows you to take advantage of the opportunities in this millionaire maker real estate market
  • Real estate investing can produce higher than average returns
  • Since these funds are generally tied up for longer periods of time they are ideally suited for long term multi-family investing. 
  • Your investment is secured with the property.
  • Real estate is a hard asset and is likely to increase in value when inflation increases.
  • Real estate investing is generally easier to understand than other types of investments
  • Real estate investing offers a leverage opportunity
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